Role Switch: Will your teen be safe behind the wheel?

Mississauga, ON (CNW) This summer many parents will be sliding into the passenger seat so that their teen can take the wheel for the first time. That can be a scary experience, but how you handle it will impact the rest of their lives. After all, driving is the most dangerous thing we do every day and they’ll be doing it for the next 60 years.

Many parents think driving school followed by practise occasionally driving to the supermarket is good enough, but it’s not.  Driving school is important, but they aren’t all the same and practise needs to include all kinds of weather, roads and experience sharing the road with other vehicles.

Teens Learn to Drive’s Parents Are the Key presentation helps parents prepare for their role as coach, protector and role model during this important time. This 50-minute interactive presentation is free to high school parents and community groups thanks to sponsorship by CAA, 407ETR and others.

“Parents have the most to lose if their teen is involved in a crash.  The time they spend coaching and supporting their teens now will save them money or heart-ache down the road,” said Anne Marie Hayes, president and founder of Teens Learn to Drive.  “With better education and skills, teens make better, safer choices.”

Teens Learn to Drive Inc. (TL2D) is a non-profit organization founded in 2009 by Anne Marie Hayes. TL2D’s mission is to reduce crash-related injuries and fatalities by educating teens about risky behaviours and how to avoid them. All events and materials are provided free to Ontario high schools thanks to CAA, 407 ETR and other sponsors.  For more information, please contact Sarah Marie Hallig at or (647) 802-8245.

SOURCE Teens Learn to Drive

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