How to Convince People

Denver, CO (Kevin Nunley) Selling and marketing are all about convincing prospects your product or service is something they need. Here are some handy tips for changing minds and getting the sale.

Persuasion is a tricky business. Studies show it is almost impossible to persuade someone who has already made up their mind to oppose you. Your best customers are those who already like your product or service. Your second best customers are people who are undecided, but will make up their mind once they have more information.

Convince prospects by attaching your idea to things the prospect already believes. If your prospect thinks low price is the most important thing, show her your cheaper products. If the prospect likes getting service from somebody that will talk football with them, you may have to talk sports scores before jumping into the sale.

Find out what is valuable to the customer and what they most deeply believe. Then attach your message to those beliefs.

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