Build Relationships

Burlington, ON (George Torok) Personal marketing makes it easier to sell, by building relationships nurtured on awareness, value and trust. Make your relationships more fruitful by making them personal. Use these powerful yet simple tips from the book, “Secrets of Power Marketing: Promote Brand You”. It is the first guide to personal marketing for non-marketers.

Say thank you
Everyone wants to hear ‘thank you’. The easiest way to say thank you is verbally – but the most powerful and memorable is with a hand written note. We receive so few hand written notes that we read them first and value them because we know you took the time to write it personally. Say thank you to your clients for the opportunity to work with them. Say thank you for considering you – even if they did not hire you. Look for opportunities to say thank you; thanks for the lead, information, invitation, advice, idea, introduction, publishing your article,…

Say Congratulations
The cousin to ‘thank you’ is ‘congratulations’. Congratulations on becoming president of the association, getting the new job, appearing in the paper, completing a successful project, volunteering for a charity, winning the award, being nominated, expanding the business, opening a new office…This is a great way to make first contact with a prospect or key influencer.

Send postcards
Open your mail. What do you find? – bills, junk, flyers, post card. What do you read first? I read the post card to see who it is from and from where? When you travel, (on business or vacation), send post cards to your important clients and prospects. Keep your message simple and sign your full name clearly. Even when you don’t travel use post cards to stay in touch, say thank you or congratulations. You could use postcards of a local attraction or print your own customized cards.

Send books
Most receive and throw away a lot of business cards. But when we receive a book we keep it and put in on a shelf. We might read it or at least glance at it. Give a book that supports your message or one that you know your client will love. Check with the authors – they might give you a deal if you buy a bunch.

Volunteer in your Associations and community
Don’t volunteer because you think it is good marketing. It is, but you never know when it will pay back. Get involved in causes in which you believe. Others see you doing good things and they begin to know you and like you. And we would rather do business with those we know and like.

Maintain your database
Build a list of names and information about your clients and prospects. Include what and when they buy. Look for patterns. Treat your best clients better. The airlines and hotels do this well. Stay in touch with your clients through your database and record all contacts. Record any personal information you learn such as birthdays, spouse’s name, favorite pastime and awards they won. Remember how it feels when you walk into your favorite restaurant and the maitre’d calls you by name and asks if you want your regular table?

Build relationships with your clients and prospects. It is the way to sustainable business.

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