What Customers Really Want

Denver, CO (Kevin Nunley) If you could zero in on what customers want, you could make a fortune, right? Over and over again, consumer research shows what makes people buy.

Customers say they base their purchases on three important things.

(1) They like to buy from people they trust. Businesses that clearly offer a no-risk money back guarantee or jump to help a customer who is having problems always rank high in the minds of customers.

(2) Customers want quality. For a long time the quality factor has been the one most often named by consumers. Price is good. Convenience is good. But it’s dependable quality that buyers really want.

(3) Customers want a good price. Lately “good price” has moved up in importance. For a long time consumers ranked price well down the list. With the economy getting tighter, price is once again at the top of shopper preferences. Show prospects how your price is competitive when compared with others. Promote products or services that have especially low prices. Some firms offer “loss leaders,” products that are advertised at below cost in order to get attention.

kevinmug_trimAbout the Author: Dr. Kevin Nunley is one of the Net’s leading authorities on business promotion. He provides short articles on a wide variety of marketing and sales subjects. See his 10,000 marketing ideas and popular promotion packages at http://DrNunley.com. Reach Kevin at kn@drnunley.com.

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