Orangeville, ON (Orangeville Police Service) Your Orangeville Police Service asks parents and children, to consider the following safety tips to ensure a SAFE and HAPPY HALLOWEEN:

• Wear make-up instead of a mask to be able to see properly.
• If you do wear a mask, make sure that the eye holes are large enough to properly see.
• Wear a costume that will be visible to motorists at night, preferably with reflective arm bands.
• Wear a costume that is properly fitted so you don’t trip.
• Go trick or treating with family or friends.
• Make sure a parent knows the route you will be taking.
• Take a flashlight to help light your way.
• Walk, don’t run; always look both ways before crossing the street. Trick or treat on one side of the street, then cross to the other side.
• Don’t go anywhere with a stranger. If someone is wearing a mask and you do not know their true identity you should treat that person as a stranger.
• Visit houses that are well lit.
• Homeowners please turn on outside lights to assist with the safety of children.
• Only accept treats from the front door. Don’t go inside a house.
• Have an adult check your treats before you eat them.

Motorists please exercise caution when driving through residential areas. Be aware that children may be distracted by the excitement of the night and not pay attention to vehicles.

If you run into trouble this Halloween and need assistance, go to your parents or a police officer. Orangeville Police officers and members of the Dufferin Amateur Radio Emergency Services group will be vigilantly on patrol throughout our community.

We hope everyone enjoys a safe and fun Halloween!