Market With Your Own Slogan

Denver, CO (Kevin Nunley) Every business needs a slogan to market with. It should be a few words or short sentence that describes the heart of what you do. Your slogan makes it easy to people to quickly figure out what you can do for them and why they should buy from you.

It should be a short three to five word phrase that clearly and simply tells the reader what you sell AND how you benefit customers. For example, my slogan is “Kevin provides marketing advice and copy writing fast and at low cost.” These are two services that a lot of people need. They want it fast and they don’t want it to be too expensive. If space were more limited, I could shorten the slogan to “marketing advice and!”

Try writing three to five words that describe what you do for customers. Make every word count. Cut out words that aren’t necessary. The idea is to make your slogan easy and quick to read. Prospects are always in a hurry. Expand your slogan to a short sentence.

kevinmug_trimAbout the Author: Dr. Kevin Nunley is one of the Net’s leading authorities on business promotion. He provides short articles on a wide variety of marketing and sales subjects. See his 10,000 marketing ideas and popular promotion packages at Reach Kevin at

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