Denver, CO (Kevin Nunley) One of the simplest and most effective ways of quickly increasing sales is to use the ABC Method.

Many top sales people say this is the only method they use. And it get’s sales fast!

ABC stands for Always Be Closing. From the time your meet the prospect until you get the sale, keep your sites on the close.

You never know at what point in your conversation your prospect will decide to buy. Some people like to make their decision quickly. Others need plenty of time to consider before they make a buy.

When writing web site copy or a sales letter, I always include a way to buy after the first couple of paragraphs. That’s all the info many people need. They want to be closed NOW!

I include another opportunity to buy half way through the copy and another one or two chances to buy toward the end of the copy.

Telephone or in-person sales can work the same way. Veteran phone sales people say it’s OK to ask for the sale just after introducing yourself.

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