Look for Values

Denver, CO (Kevin Nunley) In our super competitive world, the fastest way to business profits is finding your niche. A niche is a smaller segment of customers who REALLY want what you sell.

Lately, marketers have been having trouble selling to different groups of people. The world of commerce is changing so quickly that today’s niche group may be gone tomorrow.

Instead of centering your marketing on what makes groups different, try to find out what different customers value. Focus on different customer values when you look for a niche to serve.

Values tend to last. Even though we often hear out values have faded, the ideas we hold dear remain remarkably stable for generations.

Niche your product, service, or business to people who want to save time, or people who need the lowest price, or customers who value energetic customer service.

Just like we prefer to have friends who share our values, we all like to shop with businesses who reflect things that make us feel good. Make your core value shine in all your marketing.

About the Author: Dr. Kevin Nunley is one of the Net’s leading authorities on business promotion. He provides short articles on a wide variety of marketing and sales subjects. See his 10,000 marketing ideas and popular promotion packages at http://DrNunley.com. Reach Kevin at kn@drnunley.com.

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