6 Clever Car Hacks for Surviving Spring Weather

(NC) Late winter and early spring mean slippery driving conditions, more pedestrians on the roads and dark, rainy skies. Rather than turning a blind eye to the changes ahead, these car hacks will prepare you for anything the warmer, wetter season brings.

1. Check your wipers. Over the winter, your wipers can become damaged by frost, ice and heavy snow. Keep your windshield clean and clear by installing a new pair of wipers after the snow melts away.

2. Show off your pearly lights. Visibility in the spring months can be bleak. To make your lights shine bright, simply brush them with toothpaste so your vehicle can stand out in a rain storm.

3. Keep your tires road-ready. Melting snow often unveils new potholes and cracks in the road. Save your car from major roadway damage by ensuring your tires are filled to the manufacturer-recommended air pressure at the turn of the season.

4. Understand hydroplaning. Hydroplaning occurs when a layer of water builds up between the road and your vehicle’s tires. It can impact the driver’s control and ability to brake. Prevent the risk of hydroplaning by reducing your speed in rainy weather and safely avoiding large puddles.

5. Share the road. Warmer weather means there will be more pedestrians, construction workers and cyclists on the roads. Remember that speeding fines are often increased in construction zones, and you need to be vigilant at pedestrian crossings.

6. Rest assured with insurance. Is your vehicle covered should an emergency strike? Jump online and head to Esurance for your auto needs. It’ll make your life easier by providing you with an online quote, claims information and policy management — available any time, anywhere.


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