How to Sell with Your Visual Images

Boston, ME (Bob Maunsell) The human brain processes visual images 60 times faster than text. Nowadays, thanks to social media, we are programmed to look more at images than text. And we are drawn to images that tell a story. In fact, a whopping 92% of consumers want ads that feel like a story.

What Does This Mean?

  • Visual storytelling is extremely powerful and processed faster
  • Storytelling is crucial for reaching consumers
  • So in your marketing efforts, you need to incorporate visual imagery that quickly says a lot about you and your services.

And not just any old images. These images SHOULD NOT be stock images!!

They should be images of real situations, real problems, real solutions, real installations and real images of live, happy customers lovin’ your security systems.

These images need to tell a story – YOUR story!

BobMaunsellBob Maunsell is CEO of Security Marketing Guru,  a marketing company that’s solely dedicated to helping and teaching security dealers, integrators and entrepreneurs, in the security industry, how to attract “A-List” clients that Pay, Stay & Refer and stop wasting their time and money on image-based marketing strategies that just don’t work!

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