Think About What You Say

Goshen, MA (Marcia Yudkin) I’m guessing you would not deliberately insult a customer.  But you may be unwittingly doing exactly that when you use expressions like these in your business writing or speaking:

“Obviously, …”
“So-and-so needs no introduction.”
“It’s really easy.”
“As everyone knows…”
“Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock…”

These expressions deliver a sharp rebuke to the reader who happens to be a beginner, an outsider or less adept at the activity in question and does not find the matter obvious, easy or already known.

At one time or another I’ve felt the sting of each of the above.  The implication that I’m stupid when I know I’m not makes me angry.  For someone with shaky self-confidence, I can only imagine the blur of emotions stirred up.

The fix is easy:  Simply omit those expressions.  Provide the information without apology or snobbery.

Years ago, I met a college dean who told me she was learning to fly a plane so as to better empathize with students.  “It’s important for me to remember what it’s like not to know something,” she explained.  How wise she was!

marciayudkinMarcia Yudkin will show you how to get the word out to your ideal customers while remaining true to your values, talents and personality. Increase your repertoire of creative, cost-effective, manageable marketing tactics.

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