Shelburne, ON (Shelburne Police Service) The Shelburne Police Service is warning the public to watch out for discarded needles. The Shelburne Police Service has received a number of calls from the public regarding needles being discarded carelessly in public areas and parks. Not only can this activity be an indicator of intravenous drug use in the community, but the discarded needles can pose a health risk to the public if not handled and discarded properly.

Shelburne Police ask that if needles or syringes are found that you call them at:

(519)925-3312 x1

for proper and safe disposal. Please do not try to pick these needles up yourself. The Shelburne Police also ask that you speak to your children about this problem and teach them never to touch a needle or syringe that they may find. If a child finds a needle or syringe please teach them to tell an adult.

If anyone’s skin is pierced with a discarded needle, they are strongly encouraged to seek medical attention right away.

If you have any information regarding this, or any other matter, please call the Shelburne Police Service at (519)925-3312 x1 or Crime stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.