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Denver, CO (Kevin Nunley) When many of us are in a hurry to read a long newspaper article, we look for paragraphs in quotations. You can often pull the most meaningful part of the story from the quoted conversation.

A conversation format is easy to read. That’s one reason why “question and answer” sheets are so effective for marketing your product or service.

List 10 things customers always ask. Write down the answers that usually apply. You can use the question and answer format to cleverly do the work of a sales letter. Make your Q&A cover how your product works, your no-hassles guarantee, how to buy, and the successes of other customers.

You will notice that most of the topics listed are designed to give the customer confidence in your company or product. Nothing sells like customer confidence.

If customers are likely to know about a problem you have had with the product (or a problem that customers often think will arise) address it frankly in your Q&A.

kevinmug_trimAbout the Author: Dr. Kevin Nunley is one of the Net’s leading authorities on business promotion. He provides short articles on a wide variety of marketing and sales subjects. See his 10,000 marketing ideas and popular promotion packages at Reach Kevin at

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