When Opportunity Knocks, Do You Answer?

Goshen, MA (Marcia Yudkin) The other day, my local paper devoted 28 paragraphs and 3 photos to a newly opened “pet resort.”  The story included this: “Two other pet boarders in town are ___ and ___, both of which did not get back to the Gazette before deadline.”

In other words, two other businesses lost out on extensive no-cost publicity by not returning a phone call or answering an email.  I’ve known small companies that have filled their calendars for years from that kind of publicity spread. I’ve also heard business owners complain bitterly about competitors getting media coverage that left them out.

In this case, those not featured in the article clearly have only themselves to blame.

Any contact from a reporter, editor, podcaster or blogger who wants information about your business deserves your immediate attention.  Next week or when you have free time doesn’t work.

Remember, when a media person gets in touch with you, it’s equivalent to manna falling from the sky.  When you respond in a timely manner and give the reporter the information she needs, your payoff can far outweigh any other use of those

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