Denver, CO (Kevin Nunley) Good writers and sales people often say you can convince people by showing them rather than telling them.

Let’s look at that a different way. Rather than giving your customer or prospect an exciting phrase, give them an exciting fact.

Most of us toss out exciting phrases all the time: “We’ve got the best donuts in town,” “You get outstanding service here,” “My product will make your business more profitable.”

Turn those exciting phrases into exciting facts that give proof and illustration to your claims. “Our donuts were rated tops by the local paper two years in a row,” “Our service is outstanding because we solve your problem in one hour or your money back,” and “Here are two customers who earned 20% more with our product.”

Exciting facts are far more impressive and convincing than exciting phrases. Start by considering what important benefits or advantages you give customers. Find some facts, cases, and examples that illustrate and prove why those claims are true.

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