Is Your Home Security System Protecting Your Home or Spying on You?

(NC) While security is a top priority for most homeowners, recent news articles of smart home security devices using their cameras to spy on residents is a major concern that has many reconsidering their value. Compromised passwords have also been an ongoing issue in some systems.

Still, these privacy concerns don’t mean you have to abandon the idea of having a security system protect your home. They provide families with peace of mind that loved ones and belongings are safe when someone is both at home or away.

“Today’s digital world means we are more vulnerable to privacy and data breaches in our everyday lives. But privacy fears shouldn’t discourage you from the benefits of a home security system,” explains Bryan Baeumler, Canadian home renovation expert and ADT spokesperson. “To safeguard your home from many risks, look for an experienced provider whose entire business is security and devices and whose networks are secure and encrypted.”

Advanced systems do more than monitoring – they can also connect you with emergency services like police, ambulance and the fire department. They can also monitor everything from intrusion to fire, flood, smoke and carbon monoxide.

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