3 Iconic Canadian Foods We’re Not Sorry About

(NC) Enjoy some classic national treasures the next time you visit a local restaurant, diner or food truck. Learn more about favourites we love eating again and again and get some patriotic inspiration for your next meal.

Poutine. Created in rural Quebecois snack bars in the 1950s, this national staple is now adapted in many weird and wonderful ways, like Mexican-inspired pulled pork and guacamole variations. Data from mobile payments company Square shows that only about 20 per cent of poutine sold in Quebec is traditional style, with the most popular poutine twists being chicken and sausage.

Nanaimo bars. Named after the city of Nanaimo, British Columbia on Vancouver Island, sales data shows London, Ontario actually sells most of these sweet treats. While British Columbians prefer the traditional layer of custard-flavoured butter icing, only 40 per cent of Londonites bought Nanaimo bars in the traditional style. Most prefer a mint flavour for the middle layer instead.

Maple syrup. A popular souvenir for tourists, Toronto surprisingly sells the most maple syrup in Canada. But getting your maple syrup here will set you back $28, whereas if you’re in Quebec you get a better deal at $18 a bottle. In Quebec, most sales happen during the month of April, the sugaring season, whereas in Toronto most sales happen in the summer month of August. Drizzle some on top of your pancakes at brunch or ask for some to add to your salad for a little sweetness.


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