What Makes an Effective Website?

Orangeville, ON (James Doan) There are countless websites out there. Very few actually pull their weight and get results. Effective website design is not easy. If it was, every business that put up a website would realize enormous success. It takes many different skill sets to create an effective website.

Your website must have a crystal clear goal. Why do you have or want to have a website in the first place? What do you want it to do for your business?

Define a clear call to action. If you are clear on your website’s goal, make it clear to your visitor what action you want them to take. Spell it out. Leave no room for interpretation.

Don’t miss the opportunity to gather prospects interested in what you have to offer. You can market to these qualified prospects going forward. Make it appealing and easy to collect their contact information.

Give visitors a reason to come back. Keep your site updated with new and great content to keep it producing for you.

Focus on adding valuable content as opposed to having flashy animations. Flashy animations may wow your visitors once, if you’re lucky. Great content starts building a relationship. Realize that you’re adding value to your prospects.

Keep the copy conversational in tone and focus on what’s in it for your visitor. Make them feel that it’s all about them – make them feel special.

Your website does not have to be the best looking site out there. Instead it is far more critical to be consistent. Maintain the same look, feel and design as your other marketing materials.

Make it real easy for visitors to find what they are looking for. Keep your site navigation straightforward.

Avoid dead links. These can ruin your credibility. It is amazing what people can read into a dead link. At its worst, a visitor will conclude that you don’t care about them.

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