Make More Money, Spend Less Time and Resources

Orangeville, ON (James Doan) Many small businesses fall under the radar of business statistics. The difficulty of advertising your products without a budget is overwhelming. Face the fact that $20 a month spent on classified advertisement isn’t going to bring in a flood of visitors. A home-based business cannot compete with their larger counterparts.

Strategy #1 Email.
Send prospective business clients a very personalized email message. Find them by looking on the web, going to their homepage, and reading a little about them. Then send them a personalized email about your product. The key is personalization. Write a basic sales letter which highlights your product. Include contact information. Explain how your product can impact a particular type of business.

Strategy #2 Information.
Search engines and customers love informative articles. We have all heard the saying, “knowledge is power”. Customers want to learn about their business as much as possible. Post informative articles on your web page. These will keep visitors returning for more information and hold them there longer. Information also increases your credibility as a business to the potential customer. If they agree with what you are saying they are more likely to buy from you. Search engines, like customers, are searching with their spiders for content related information. Articles about the product you are selling increase chances that search engines will rank your site higher.

Strategy #3 Business Cards.
Off-line marketing has never gone out of style. It may even be more necessary today than it was before.

What you do with these cards is almost as important as how much you spend on them. People love to talk about themselves as much as possible. Pass out your cards with a view to further a particular conversation or to keep in touch with them. It is a great way to get their card in your hand and make a good friend. Now they have a personal relationship with you. They are much more likely to look at your site. You can catalogue their information for networking purposes.

Strategy #4 Ezine Articles.
People love free information. Those same articles placed on your website for your current customers can also lure new customers. Make sure that your articles are informative, professional and worthy. Then you can submit them to article databases for free content. Websites pick up the article to post on their own site. Have your personal contact information either embedded into the article or as a tag line on the end. The better your article, the more times it will be posted around the web and the more customers you will get.

The four strategies work together to enhance the popularity of a website. They also reduce the amount of time you waste everyday. The key strategy of business is to make more money and spend less time and resources doing it.


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