Is it Necessary to “Crush the Competition”?

Orangeville, ON (James Doan) Why do some business people view marketing as either a contact sport or some form of combat? It seems foolish in several important respects.

First, measuring yourself against others in anything only serves to increase your stress. Your deficiencies and ordinariness feel sad and undermining. Even if you believe you’re ahead of your peers, that is still temporary and fragile.

Second, focusing on business competitors is an unnecessary distraction. You should focus on your actual and potential customers. After all, they’re the ones who pay you. Whoever you’re comparing yourself with makes no contribution to your revenue or profits.

Third, orienting yourself to “crush” others under your heel is a destructive approach to life. Would having the biggest muscles on the beach help you to enjoy the sunshine? Metaphors matter.

You need to realize obliterating competitors is unnecessary for success. People become fulfilled, prominent and rich on their own merits. Develop your talents and provide something others appreciate.

You don’t need to defeat everyone else in a brutal race. Instead, spot opportunities, create something original and deliver value. Flourish, don’t win.

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