Effective Content Marketing

Orangeville ON (James Doan) There was a time when a great website was key. As the internet developed, email marketing became an important addition.

Today, you have to make sure your audience knows and trusts you. You must do this through the right content marketing mediums.

How do you do that? By developing marketing content that positions you as a knowledgeable, trusted, competent source.

You cannot lag with your content marketing strategy. You will be lagging in communicating the value of your business.

This leads to a lack of interest and trust for potential customers. Those who are curious but not completely sold on doing business with your company.

You want to be top-of-mind when folks think of your market niche. That’s done most by utilizing content marketing.

The Most Effective Content Marketing Mediums
– Company Blog Post
– Social Media Posts
– E-Newsletter
– E-Booklets, Whitepapers
– Company Videos

You can use these outlets to build awareness and position you as the security expert in your space.

And you don’t have to do them all at once, start with a few and add on. You can re-purpose content to create other mediums. Combine blog posts to create an educational e-booklet or a video.

Create a “wow factor” for your customers. It is worth the investment several times over.

Doing “little things” for your customers shows that you care and appreciate them. When customers see this, they get a nice warm and fuzzy feeling about you and your company. They tend to stick around for a long time – unless you do something terrible or ignore them.

You should strive to show your gratitude to customers in fun and memorable ways.

Once you get a new customer, it’s important to keep that customer. They are much more apt to buy from you again and again, and are much more apt to refer your company to family and friends.

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