Help People Believe You Can Do What You Say You Can Do

Orangeville, ON (James Doan) When one of my new associates asked me to look at her “About Me” page, I was no better informed about her than before. She filled the page talking about how the client’s life would improve after hiring her as a virtual assistant.

It is a good idea to explain this at some point. But it’s not what potential clients are looking for when they read an “About Me” page. They want to learn your background and experience. You explain why they should trust you. This is where you should list credentials, work experience and proven abilities. Tell why your location, distinctive approach and personal qualities will be valuable assets. People expect a photo, too.

Follow this format even if you’re new at what you’re offering and lack formal credentials. Don’t change the subject on your “About Me” page, as that person did. Instead, dig deep for grounded, credible reasons for folks to believe you can do what you say you can do.

Another associate, a new editor, stated at her former job asked her to check what they’d written.

Someone new to car detailing said he’d learned it from his grandfather and father. His father’s motto was “Be finicky, not fast.”

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