Build a Better Business Bio

Orangeville, ON (James Doan) “The things we do in life that don’t make it onto a resume provide the truest measure of who we are.” – Jesse Itzler

In this case, Itzler is promoting endurance hiking as proof of one’s mettle. I put this quote in a different situation. What would you put on your About Page to show your key values, habits, commitments or principles?

What about qualities like integrity, persistence, and compassion? Discuss your questioning spirit and insistence on excellence. These virtues more often appear in obituaries and speeches at retirement dinners. These character traits are as important as degrees, work experience and professional achievements. Why not include them in your business bio?

It’s difficult to set out those things without sounding pompous. Also, certain descriptions are more convincing when said about us than by us. Remember, what is most “us” isn’t always conscious to us.

I hope I have given your mind a little nudge today. You should start thinking about this very important question and passing it along!

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