Writing to Meet a Schedule

Orangeville, ON (James Doan) You may find it difficult writing blog post after blog post to meet a schedule. There is more to it than getting an idea from your reading, then putting it on paper using some sort of formula.

Your writing process should be like this:

  • Get an idea and let it simmer for days or weeks.
  • Wait for an insight on how to tackle the idea.
  • Sometimes do more research before beginning.
  • Write a draft. Write in your own style. Don’t use any formulas.
  • Check the word count.
  • Put the draft aside for hours or days.
  • Edit it. Rearrange words for better effect and sometimes make bigger changes.
  • Proofread, checking the spelling of proper names, the accuracy of facts cited.
    Be careful of the usage of unusual words. Keep an eye on the total word count.
  • Verify any links.
  • Add your accompanying promotion.

Write about subjects that are important to your audience. Use a direct, punchy writing style. Use short sentences and clear vocabulary. Drop empty adjectives.

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