Clarify Your Emails

Orangeville, ON (James Doan) A few days ago I received an email that I almost deleted. I didn’t recognize the sender, and the subject line, “Introduction,” didn’t explain much.

But when I did read it, I discovered it was from an associate that has on occasion posted a reciprocal link. He said he’d contact me – no charge – to suggest things I could do to make my listing perform better.

This offer has high value for me. He might reveal tips about the site’s customer behavior that I wasn’t aware of.

Analyzing his email, I identified three points to improve any business email.

  1. Who. If the sender’s name isn’t familiar, but the company name is, include the latter in the “from” box.
  2. What. State in the subject line and/or the first sentence what the email is about.
  3. Why. In the subject line and/or the opening sentence, say how the message might benefit the recipient. Never bury your point several paragraphs in, amidst jargon!
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