Orangeville, ON (James Doan) There are certain guidelines you should follow to develop a reputation as a bold, coherent thinker. These apply whether you are writing for a blog, podcast or book. Do not project a “take me or leave me” attitude. Instead look for and think about possible blind spots in your perspective. Consider any unexpected consequences of your ideas. This way, you may be able to head off critiques that would otherwise come your way when you become popular.

Pose questions like these to yourself:

  • Who or what have I left out of my analysis?
  • Have I dug deeply enough for reasons backing up my point of view?
  • How would what I’m saying not be true?
  • Have I discarded some valuable ideas because I’m trying hard to be leading edge?
  • Is there validity to someone scoffing “nothing really new here”?
  • Do I have personal reasons for my views that I’m either hiding or making too much of?
  • What criticism of my work would sting me most, and would it be at least partly true?
  • If my ideas were implemented on a large scale, might something unfortunate come to pass?