Activate Your Reader’s Curiosity

Orangeville, ON (My Corner Office) “Did you ever wonder…..”

It doesn’t matter how you go on after this opening. You would be hard pressed to find any readers who would answer “yes.”

“Interested in saving money next time you shop for a…?”

That’s almost as much of a dud as the previous example. Again it is so obvious you are angling for a set answer that has very little import. Besides, it seems too likely to segue into a sales pitch that readers may not be in the mood for.

But that doesn’t mean you should banish questions from your marketing writing. Some questions may indeed draw people in, when used as an opener or headline. For example, these:

“Which 5 words should you never use in an email subject line?”

“What do cosmetics have to do with selling books?”

“Should you ditch Windows 10 or embrace it?”

These types of questions activate the reader’s curiosity. Their intent is to not trigger a predictable response. You’ll need to have an interesting answer and a message that’s relevant to the reader. Once you capture the reader’s attention, then it’s yours to use. That’s a valuable start.

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