Only Send Out Your Best Work

Orangeville, ON (James Doan) It is important to proofread any article before submitting it. You want to only send out your best work, every time.

How can you know whether something is your best work?

Here’s a little checklist to help answer that question.

* Did you set your work aside and then take a careful look through it to avoid embarrassing mistakes?

* Did you pay attention while completing the task, instead of working on autopilot?

* Are you confident you did a better job than you would have done last year, or five years ago?

* Did you go above and beyond the basics in some little (or bigger) way?

* When you finished, did you feel satisfied with what you’d done, as opposed to feeling glad that it was over with?

* Can you hand in the work with a clear conscience. There should be no excuses or blaming of others fluttering around in the back of your mind?

Take any “no” or “sort of” answer to the above as a red warning light, and make the appropriate changes in your work routine.

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