Orangeville, ON (James Doan) Part of the fun of scale modelling is the chance to attend a model show. You will find many others who share an interest with you and this is an opportunity to develop new contacts.

When you attend a local or national model show, here are some points to consider to allow you to get more enjoyment out of the event.

Read up on the event ahead of time. If you learn in advance what activities are scheduled, you won’t miss something that might interest you.

By making a checklist of things you want to do and noting the times of banquets, seminars and swap meets (along with other events that are not time specific), you can prioritize your schedule.

Prepare a list of models and accessories that you intend to purchase. Much like grocery shopping on an empty stomach, if you are not careful you can get caught up in the excitement and buy way too much stuff.

Don’t take more money than you are willing to spend and don’t change your mind once you get there.

Hold off on making your purchases too early. Some dealers offer show specials and prices can vary widely between vendors. Take the time to view all the displays before making any purchases. Don’t wait too long though, as items you wish to purchase can disappear rapidly.

Some events are more family oriented than others. If you do take your family, remember that they may not share your enthusiasm and plan some time in the trip to be able to do something that they will enjoy also.

If you go to any seminars or demonstrations, take notes. You are there to learn, write it down and you will remember it better.

Take a camera. The pictures you take will really help you remember the show later.

Most importantly – relax and have fun.