Getting Your Foot in the Door

Orangeville, ON (James Doan) Don’t have the right experience? That need not be an obstacle when you’re trying to launch yourself as a freelancer or consultant. Use these strategies for gaining those crucial first assignments:

* Contact friends, relatives or former colleagues. See if they could use your skills in a special deal. They pay little or nothing, then you can use that project or their testimonial about it in your portfolio.

* Approach local businesses that you patronize or non-profits whose cause you support. Offer them a similar deal.

* Create a low-cost special offer for a limited-scope, in-demand service. Get that offer in front of ideal prospects through cold calls, ads or direct mail. Usually you’ll get some uptake on the offer.

* Select a just-developing field where almost everyone is new, without direct relevant experience. When you show you know a lot about the topic, you’re on a par with others.

* Pitch yourself for a project in a convincing manner. People can get hired on the strength of a compelling conversation. They weren’t even asked about their credentials. Since this requires you to project supreme confidence, practice that.

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