Some Ways to Make Your Modelling Club Better

Orangeville, ON (James Doan) One of the reasons that scale modelling is so popular now is that you get a lot of creative expression and enjoyment for the money you spend. Ours is a relatively inexpensive hobby. If you wish, you could do a respectable model for as little as $­50, counting the cost of basic tools. There’s a lot of value returned for the investment.

Now, scale modelling is where model railroading was thirty years ago. Cottage industries are springing up, making wiring kits, special decals and even tires. It’s getting more sophisticated.

Having lots of fun and building great models go together. It’s a great hobby if we’ll just let it be so, and not allow ourselves to be side-tracked.

The modelling club scene is not as bad as some might make it out to be. Many activities can bring members together: activities such as building clinics for disadvantaged kids, club projects, club theme nights, and full-blown club-sponsored contests. Some other ways to make your club better:

– volunteer to do a demonstration for your fellow club members on a technique you have mastered.

– bring your kids and do a snap kit building demonstration for them.

– conduct a clinic for girl or boy scouts in your area.

– try building in a style that interests other members of your club (you might like it!)

– set up a challenge contest between your club and another in your general geographic area.

– do join as many clubs as you can (but do it to experience various interests, not to be involved with smaller cliques).

– be open-minded to the interests of others in your club (if a fellow club member’s model car is not a Chevy or a Ford, that does not mean it is a bad model).

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