Promote Your Archive of Articles

Orangeville, ON (James Doan) Last week, I read an online Toronto Star article about the recent cost of living indexes. Then I clicked on a “Read More” link to a past article on rent control.

From that piece, another “Read More” click got me reading about professional squatters. More “Read More” links somehow landed me in a clutch of older articles about early retirement.

“Wow,” I thought when I finally took a breather. “Those if-you-liked-this-you’ll-like-that” links really worked!”

Such links encourage readers on your blog or website to stick around and consume more content. This, in turn, may help sell more.

More techniques that have the same goal:

* Within paragraphs, hyperlinks to explanatory material of yours

* Enticing category links in a sidebar, functioning as an internal index

* On social media, promoting older content, not just what’s new

* Enabling new visitors to start at your first post and read all your articles in sequence.

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