Orangeville, ON (My Corner Office) If it’s been years since you posted your main marketing copy, maybe it’s time for you to step back and reassess it.

Use these questions to determine whether or not a rewrite belongs on your to-do list.

* Have you experienced instances where customers misunderstood what you sell, or where they held mistaken expectations about working with you?

* Have recent buyers differed from those you would have preferred? Or are you now inclined to shift your energies to a different type of customer?

* Has your competitive environment changed significantly since you wrote your marketing copy?

* Have you shifted your emphasis, methods or business image notably in that time frame?

* Are there factors many prospective clients care about now that they rarely did before?

* Are you getting a bothersome number of tire kickers – folks who seem serious about hiring you, yet vanish?

These are all problems that can be solved by rethinking and then rewriting your marketing copy. Though you may need only tweaks here and there, you may also need a completely fresh approach.

Be clear about the issues above before getting started!