How to Justify Your Pricing

Orangeville, ON (James Doan) We all want to charge a premium for our work, but to do so, you must definitely be able to answer this one question:

The Ultimate Pricing Question:
“Why should I buy from you over any other business offering similar services?”

If you don’t have the answer to this question, you better get it!

Some advice…
Go to the drawing board and determine what you are providing for the money. Do you have a better deal to offer? If not, then work on IMPROVING what you’re offering. Make it worth more based on what customers want, NOT what you think is valuable (a critical point…don’t miss it).

If you discover that you are providing more value than your competitors, then work at learning how to communicate that value. Many companies way over-deliver and undercharge for their services.

Stand up and ask for the $$$ you deserve!

Find a Niche & Own It!
Finding a niche in your industry. Customize your services to solving the key problems and wants of that niche. Position yourself as an expert in that niche and approach the market that way. You can say goodbye to the pricing terrorist for good!

And remember, not everybody buys on price alone…
Would you want the cheapest eye surgeon doing your Lasik surgery?
The last time you bought a car, was it based solely on the cheapest car you could find?
Do you want to use the cheapest, lowest-wage workers? If you do, you’re an idiot, and yes, the world has its fair share of them.

Of course, price is a decision point. No matter what your price point is, you still need to make “SOME JUSTIFICATION” for what you charge.

BUT if you’re positioned as ‘The Expert’ in a given niche, that IS your justification.

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