Creating an Environment for Student Success

(NC) With a new calendar year starting and the kids getting back into the swing of things after the holidays, it’s the perfect time to make sure your children are set up for learning. Tips to help transition back to school and create a productive and supportive environment for success include:

  1. Plan ahead and plan often: Use a smartphone calendar to keep track of classes, assignments, projects and exams. Create “sub-deadlines” to break long assignments and projects into more manageable parts.
  2. Get up and go: As students adjust back into the daily routine, which can be difficult, it can be even more challenging for students living with ADHD, whose symptoms can impact almost all aspects of their day and evening. Establish a schedule that maps out the time you need to accomplish each task.
  3. Learn to learn: Take some time to think about how and where your child learns best. Consider finding a space where they feel comfortable and are less likely to be distracted. Experiment with alternative learning techniques that play to their strengths, such as reading out loud or while standing up to reduce attention drift, pretending that they are teaching someone else the information, or forming a study group with peers.
  4. A place for everything: Clutter at your child’s desk or in their room can make it tough to stay focused. Assign a place for all their belongings in relation to the purpose they serve, making organization convenient and quick. Those with ADHD are often best cued with visual reminders, so consider aesthetically pleasing ways to organize belongings in plain sight.
  5. Get moving: Be sure to make time for physical and social activities which support general brain health helping kids stay focused throughout the day.

Find more resources on living with ADHD at


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