Proper Lighting for Your Modelling Work Area

Orangeville, ON (James Doan) Wherever you choose to set up your modelling niche, it is essential to have proper lighting. Ideally, you should have light from at least three sources to eliminate shadows in your work area. Fluorescent lights directly overhead and to the side of your bench augmented by a spotlight for detail work should be adequate.

For the fluorescent bulbs, it is advised to select the ‘warm white’ or ‘soft white’ rather than the ‘cool white’ as the warmer colours tend to match typical outside light and will permit you to achieve better painting results. Incandescent and halogen lights will produce light that is also typical of outdoor light.

Regardless of how well-positioned and effective they are, be advised that relying exclusively on overhead room light is not sufficient. You must also have proper and adequate light to work. A positionable desk lamp that you can adjust to pool light where you need it will ease eye strain.

If you set your bench up near a window, you can take advantage of daylight to brighten your work area but you will still benefit from the addition of a posable desk lamp.

To assist your closeup work, you can use a free-standing magnifying glass, a headband with magnifying lenses or a pair of good quality reading glasses with a moderate level of magnification. One ideal solution is a lamp that incorporates the magnifier. This can be attached to your desk and swung into a position to aid in small, close work or posed to pool the light for general modelling. It is difficult to get really parallel lines or correctly aligned parts or even correctly aligned decals if your closeup vision is poor.

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