Beware of the Intimidation Factor

Orangeville, ON (James Doan) Because I dislike feeling inept, I generally wait to try out new technology until I need it. On occasion, I find myself dealing with a company or person who assumes I’ve mastered a tech skill that I haven’t. They think everyone knows it backwards and forwards. To me, though, it’s a daunting challenge.

I understand how feeling intimidated can be a barrier to buying something. It can hold someone back from using a product or service to its fullest.

Intimidation comes up with many other elements besides technology.

Intimidation may seem farfetched to you. Consider it when writing descriptions of products or services. Explain what feels obvious to you. Demystify what may be unfamiliar to some. Avoid putting yourself high on a pedestal. Say you’re willing to answer questions and help. A skillful approach won’t put off those in the know or those who want to admire you.

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