Aim for Marketing that Works

Orangeville, ON (James Doan) Many marketers believe nothing counts but results.

They think whatever works best is best, by definition. Each potential or actual customer is but a data point. Anything that doesn’t budge that data point is a waste of effort.

Well, let’s pause and think about that. Are we automatons or people with feelings and values? If the latter, why should we approach business as if all that matters is a numerical effect?

We don’t need to treat others, ourselves and the marketing tasks we do as nothing but a means to results. That’s a bleak and joyless viewpoint that degrades our common life together. It encourages treating individuals as interchangeable. It encourages a “Who cares?” attitude toward quality and impact on others. It also encourages a boring, functional approach without pleasure or creativity.

Instead, aim at marketing that works and that also embodies respect. Not only for buyers considering a purchase. But also for yourself as a thinking, feeling human in a world where other people matter too.

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