Greatest Inventions in the World of Scale Modelling

Orangeville, ON (James Doan) There are many innovations that have either made life so much easier for modellers or opened up possibilities that were beyond most of us at one time. Here is our selected Top Ten List of the Greatest Inventions in the World of Scale Modelling:

Number Ten – Model Shows. They provide an opportunity for modellers to get together, sometimes internationally, to be inspired by the work of others, and to give recognition in the way of awards for outstanding models.

Number Nine – Specialist Tools. At one time the X-Acto knife was the literal cutting edge of modelling technology. Now we have power tools, razor saws, pin vise drills, shear-cutters, and a whole range of specialist knife blades and handles to make life easier.

Number Eight – Waterslide Decals. Hand detailing is almost a thing of the past now that we can make custom decals. In most cases, there is no other way to replicate intricate writing and graphics. And the range of suppliers is getting wider.

Number Seven – Specialty Glues. Besides the ubiquitous tube glue, we now have liquid poly, epoxy resin, superglue, acrylic, silicone.

Number Six – Acrylic Paint. Given recent concerns with toxicity plus hypo-allergic reactions, the ranges of acrylic paints are welcomed by many modellers.

Number Five – Styrene Sheet, Strip and Structural Shapes. Terrific for scratch building and major customizations.

Number Four – White Metal Castings. Finding increased use in aftermarket parts both for vehicles and figures.

Number Three – Resin. For wheels, tires, tracks, accessories, engines and body conversion parts.

Number Two – The Injection Moulded Plastic Kit. From their advent in the 50s making them has changed little, but the quality of the tooling and the advances in moulding techniques have now given us some of the most enjoyable kits to assemble.

And finally:

Number One – Your Local Scale Model Club. It can bring together modellers from the area, be the catalyst for countless projects, and do more to raise scale modelling standards. With your continued support, it will stay Number One!

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