It Pays to Support Small Businesses Where You Live

(NC) Minimum wage increases have everyone worrying about how small businesses are going to survive. However you can make a difference with your everyday decisions about where to spend your money. From the coffee shop in the morning, to the landscaper for your garden or the restaurants and the retail stores you go to, you can choose to support a local spot.

To make your community a vibrant one, consider spending your dollars locally. Here are three reasons why it pays to support small businesses where you live.

1. Uniqueness. When you’re asked to name your favourite restaurant or café in your neighbourhood, it’s often a unique local business. A one-of-a-kind store is able to capture the flavour of your community and cater to its distinctive tastes and needs — something impossible for a big box retailer to do.

2. Better service. When you connect with a business owner directly, you can feel the difference. They are more invested in your happiness and work to personalize your experience. It doesn’t take long to think of an example of a business that knows you by name and remembers what you like. Plus, most small businesses will special order items for you to keep you coming back.

3. Stimulate the local economy. When you support local businesses, you keep dollars within your community and an abundance of job opportunities are created. It can also attract a range of other local businesses and residents to the area. Mobile payment company, Square, helps people participate in their local economy by making it easy and affordable for small businesses to accept a range of payments.

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