Networking for Introverts

Orangeville, ON (James Doan) You might feel networking is ridiculously outdated. Put that prejudice aside for a moment. Try interacting face to face with potential clients and referral sources. This remains a powerful way to create connections. You also build rapport and lay the groundwork for keen opportunities.

At first glance, extroverts feel more comfortable networking. There are ways introverts can also use this marketing technique.

Mostly, extroverts have no problem at an unstructured event. They have no difficulty chatting up a storm with strangers and near-strangers. For an introvert, though, that can feel like a nightmare scenario. The introvert’s best bets are to get themselves a recognized role. They can be a “greeter,” which gives them an excuse for starting a conversation. They could even find common cause with someone who looks uncomfortable at the edge of the crowd.

Introverts should seek smaller and more structured networking events or organizations. These provide a setting where they can make valuable connections. They will feel comfortable there being themselves. An introvert founded Business Network International ( He prescribed a system for running small groups. This system encourages relationships among non-competing local business owners.

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