Marketing with Videos

Orangeville, ON (My Corner Office) Check out a recent study by the Aberdeen Group. They found companies using video marketing are growing revenue 49 percent faster than those that aren’t. But if that makes you want to leap into video marketing, hang on a moment. Other research shows that distinct types of marketing videos suit extroverts and introverts.

Consider talking-head videos. Someone faces a camera or webcam and speaks off the cuff. These are much easier for extroverts to manage and shine with. Introverts stumble, hesitate and blush or blink too much under that kind of pressure. Unless they do intensive practicing. You can see this disparity in Facebook groups where new online course instructors post their practice videos.

Introverts perform well when they are off-camera. Think about a narrated Power point video, animation or a screen cast. Viewers watch notes, pictures or action while the unseen expert or explainer talks. This option includes:
– most webinars,
– slideshows turned into videos,
– tutorial or course excerpts and
– how-to videos
where the focus is on the information rather than the speaker.

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