Key Transferable Skills for any Job

(NC) Contemporary work is all about adaptability, embracing new technologies and taking on various roles throughout your career. Thriving in this relatively new approach to the workplace means constantly learning and improving yourself. A great way to do this is by developing skills that are useful in every environment.

Teamwork. Playing well with others is as invaluable now as it was on the playground. When hiring new employees, companies look for people who their staff will look forward to seeing and interacting with every day. Active listening, being open to new ideas and putting yourself in others’ shoes all support good teamwork and will make you a great coworker.

Communication. Knowing how to deliver an engaging presentation, write an effective email and explain what you need from your team are all essential skills of a good communicator. Strong communication skills will benefit your employer and will also be useful to you throughout your career. You can leverage them when applying for a promotion or making friends at a new workplace.

Leadership. Leaders understand how to guide people without being bossy and listen to others’ expertise and opinions. They’re also charismatic and know how to take initiative and bring out the best in people. Companies are always looking to hire leaders because they inspire their team members and give them the confidence to succeed, which in turn helps the whole organization prosper.

Multitasking. This combines other transferable skills, like time management and organization. An important skill in today’s busy world—being able to effectively prioritize and triage multiple projects and tasks—can help you stand out. Multitasking means you know how to structure your day and can keep track of moving parts to make everything happen seamlessly.

A great way to develop and practise these skills is with a part-time job, like freelance consulting, tutoring or post-secondary note taking. Another option coming up is working as an enumerator or crew leader for Statistics Canada to collect information for the next census. Applications for these flexible part-time jobs open in January 2021, with start dates in April 2021. Find more information at

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