The Personal Challenge of Scale Modelling

Orangeville, ON (James Doan) I suppose the first thing I should point out to you is that I get nearly as much satisfaction from researching a recent project as I get from building it. The chance to spend some time learning information about the actual thing will determine, in part, how I will go about the actual construction process. Not to mention the fact that it’s interesting just to learn about the technical or historical aspects of my subject.

When historical accuracy is not critical, like an adventure in kit bashing, I can spend a lot of time in the preparation phase experimenting by trading parts from one kit to determine what variations are possible. I find it challenging to see if the wheels from one kit will fit the tires from another or adapting a spoiler to an unrelated vehicle.

One of the best moments in any modelling project is that initial excitement that you feel as you open a brand new kit for the first time. Your mind races as you look at the sprues and try to visualize what the finished model will look like.

While interests and skill levels vary from one modeller to the next, I can tell you that every one of us modellers has a talent for some aspect of modelling. While our expertise in some areas may need developing, we can all learn from those who have skills which we don’t possess. One of the best ways to gain knowledge enjoyably is to watch someone who is an expert. The modellers I know are always more than willing to share their skills.

And for those who do not have the advantage of meeting with other modellers, it is possible to learn with more experienced modellers through the pages of the many modelling magazines that are now available. Don’t forget to check at your local library for back issues of many of these periodicals.

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