Orangeville, ON (James Doan) Consider this scenario: While visiting your local hobby shop, looking for a challenge for your next project, you happen across two new kits. As luck would have it, they are both representations of classic (1950s or 1960s) autos that you have never built before.

Now for the comparisons and contrasts. While one kit costs $18, the other sells for $36.

The higher-priced kit has 180 parts which allow for complete detailing of the engine, chassis, interior and suspension.

The lower-priced kit still has interior detail, an acceptable level of detail for the chassis and suspension, but no engine. However, with a little thought and a trip to your spares box, you could upgrade the lower-priced kit into a highly detailed, accurate model.

Both subjects appeal to you, but which would you buy?

I would like to hear your opinion on what you feel is an appropriate level of detail in a model kit. Is the subject the critical factor in your choice of a kit or are the parts count and accuracy more important? Are you the modeller inspired by the challenge of putting more into your project to achieve the desired result? Are the constraints on your time such that you prefer a kit presented to you with everything necessary to produce the finished model? Do you hold to the credo “Even if you can’t see the particular part, I know it’s in there” or are you satisfied to build a good-looking curbside model?

This subject has come up several times at local model club meetings. The responses are as varied as the members. It would be interesting to hear just how involved you prefer to get in a modelling project. Send in your responses and we will share the results.