Orangeville, ON (James Doan) It is not true that everyone decides about buying based on pricing.

I recently read about research conducted by Google. It provides a more subtle exploration of people’s thinking.

Google’s Head of Research Justin De Graaf lists these attitudes for online searchers:

  • Help me
  • Reassure me
  • Educate me
  • Surprise me
  • Impress me
  • Thrill me

Inspect the last three modes. These people are not looking for the cheapest or the most cost-effective solution. They are searching for an encounter that is not commonplace. They want a product, service or presentation that shakes them up.

They’re looking for impact.

Is impact something you can deliver? Numbers don’t answer this question. You would recognize positive impact by the comments you get from buyers. You’d know it from the emotional pitch of the gratitude people express. Pay attention to their testimony of the excitement, satisfaction or pleasure triggered by what you sell.