How Can Parents Support Kids’ Learning?

(NC) While fall usually brings routine and familiarity for families, classes are going to look different this year. But no matter where your child is going to learn, there are things parents can do to help. Sarah Gunn, a former teacher and lifestyle expert, has tips to help you assist your children:

Stay on track: Create a daily or weekly schedule that you can all refer to. Carve out time for fun activities like board games, crafts, and outdoor play. Use a timer to help the kids focus on a task. Create a plan together to tackle larger projects using checklists or planners that children can refer to while they work. Take a break when you sense your child needs it.

Get the right tech: Invest in age-appropriate technology, like a Chromebook or Microsoft laptop. Check out Staples Canada for a variety of affordable laptop options. It is helpful to provide headphones if more than one child is working in the same space. A printer can also be useful because some children work better on paper and it offers a break from working on a screen.

Ask the teacher: Educators want their students to succeed and are doing their best to make this new way of learning work. If you’re confused by the assignments being sent home, or you have any questions at all, reach out to them. They will collaborate with you to make a plan that works for you and your family.

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