Find Out if it Will Sell

Orangeville, ON (James Doan) Many people worry about their prospective new offering. They are unsure if it will launch into the marketplace only to fail.

There is a way to calm such uncertainty. Look for comparable products or services in other locations or for other audiences. You could contemplate an online course for graphic designers. Research online courses for interior decorators and web developers. What you find might contain valuable clues on pricing, packaging, pitching and so on. What you don’t find is also informative.

Run a low-risk trial version of your idea. Make it simpler, shorter, cheaper or less in-depth than what you plan to do. Call it a “beta test” the way tech people do. Set it up so if it fails, you won’t have wasted much money or time. If it succeeds, that’s as much of a green light as you’ll ever encounter.

Do not project what you would or would not pay or would or would not buy onto your target market. That’s a terrible reason to talk yourself out of a promising idea.

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