How to Avoid Sticker Shock

Orangeville, ON (My Corner Office). When you sell something people buy only once in a long while, they may not understand what to expect it to cost. You don’t want to shock them speechless when you reveal what you charge.

So prepare them:

* Educate with statistics. “Nationwide, these things usually run from $1500 to $2500. We’re above the average, at $2100, because we’re in a high cost-of-living area.”

* Build up in pieces. “Well, the basic system is $59 a month. The licensing fee is $29 a month. The customization so it works for your company is $749 for the first year, $149 a year afterwards.”

* Talk about long-term value. “This is going to enable you to choose a career where you’ll be a brilliant success. You will love going to work every day. It’s a smart investment at $1800.”

* Highlight exclusivity or scarcity. “Remember, we don’t accept every applicant. We limit the course, so only eight writers can attend. You receive feedback from editors who in the main don’t work with unpublished authors. They focus only on best-selling ones.”

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