Beware of Auto Towing and Repair Scams on the Rise

(NC) Towing, auto repair and rental suppliers are critical to get you back on the road after an accident. But unfortunately, there are some suppliers in the auto insurance system who take advantage of consumer vulnerabilities and overcharge or cause delays. 

With fraud on the rise in general across Canada, it’s important to know what to do if you’re in an accident or your vehicle needs damage repaired – and how to spot any red flags.  

Bryant Vernon, Chief Claims Officer at Aviva Canada, has seen an alarming number of creative scams targeting customers of the insurance company. From fraudulent tows to blank work orders and more damage, there are plenty of ways a simple job can turn into a major headache. 

“An extreme example happened last winter, when following the storage of a damaged car our customer was told they were no longer the registered owner,” says Bryant. “A repair shop employee went so far as to change the ownership with the ministry. To help our customer get on with her life, we deemed the car a total loss so that she could receive full payment. But we’re still working with the courts to resolve the matter.”  

Fraud is a systemic issue, and the towing and repair industries are often players in a complex fraud network that puts customers at risk while increasing their insurance premiums.  

To help ensure you don’t fall victim to a common scam, call your insurance company or broker immediately following an accident. Avoid signing any blank work order forms or agreements from tow, repair or rental vendors. 

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